i-scream Mailing Lists

i-scream runs a number of mailing lists geared towards both developers and users of i-scream products. At the present time the lists are generic to all products, but if the volume of e-mail rises it may become necessary to create per-project mailing lists.


Information: https://lists.i-scream.org/mailman/listinfo/dev
State: Closed
Purpose: A discussion forum for developers only.


Information: https://lists.i-scream.org/mailman/listinfo/commits
State: Open for subscription, but no posts should be sent here.
Purpose: Emails are sent to this list whenever a commit happens to the i-scream Git repositories. If you want to be informed about commits as they happen, join this list.


Information: https://lists.i-scream.org/mailman/listinfo/cvs-all
State: Retired.
Purpose: This list contained CVS commit emails, but this has now been merged with the commits list above.


Information: https://lists.i-scream.org/mailman/listinfo/users
State: Open for subscription and posts.
Purpose: For discussion between users, developers, and anyone else. This is the place to ask questions and get support.


If you wish to join one of the open lists, follow the information link by by the relevant link above. You can also email listname-request@i-scream.org, where listname is one of the lists above, with subscribe in the body.


We now have archives of the lists, from May 2003. A link to the archives can be found on the information page for each list above.

Viruses and Spam

All lists are scanned using ClamAV and SpamAssassin to remove viruses before they get sent out to list members. We also tag spam messages accordingly, and ensure that such messages are moderated.