project papers

i-scream project papers & documentation

These are documents created during the development of the project. Many of them are now out of date, and have been superceeded by the official documentation. Please select the documentation link on the left to find the official documentation.

Feature List - the ongoing list of features
Time Allocation Plan - the course required us to produce a plan of what we were going to spend time on
Implementation Phases - an initial plan of how we were going to proceed with development
Documentation Strategy - documentation plan with status of each document

Realtime Spec Outline - an idea of how some parts of the system worked
Document Specs - requirements and specification for all documentation
XMLviaUDP Specs - format of data to be sent from hosts over UDP
System Configuration - details of the initial configuration system
Coding Standards - standards for Java code
Host: expected data - data the host is expected to send
Logging System - details of the logging system
Using the Queue - details of the queueing system
Protocol Specs - specifications of all the protocols used

Using CORBA - how to run the server in the corba environment
Using CVS (part 1) - how to use CVS (basic)
Using CVS (part 2) - how to use CVS (advanced)
WBEM, CIM? - some ideas about the WBEM technologies