i-scream documentation

This is the documentation produced for the CMS at the end of the project. It should be consider correct only concerning the software builds available from the same time.

These documents are correct for the version of code available for download from this website. However, there may be changes in the CVS version which are not documented in the code. The link below shows what changes have been made since the project completion date.

Commits to the "cms" CVS module since project completion (29/03/2001)

User guides

(HTML) Getting Started with the i-scream Central Monitoring System
(Word |PDF) Unix/Linux ihost user guide
(Word |PDF) Windows WinHost user guide
(Word |PDF) Conient client user guide
(Word |PDF) Server user guide
(Word |PDF) CORBA Services user guide
(Word |PDF) Web reports user guide
(Word |PDF) Database reporter user guide

Maintenance documentation for developers

(Word |PDF) Unix/Linux ihost maintenance
(Word |PDF) Windows WinHost maintenance
(Word |PDF) Conient maintenance
(Word |PDF) Server maintenance
(Word |PDF) Web reports maintenance
(Word |PDF) Database reporter maintenance

Specification documents

(Word |PDF) Original specification & problem domain
(Word |PDF) TCP Protocol specifications
(Word |PDF) Expected XML data from host to server
(Word |PDF) XML recommendations for host to server UDP packets
(Word |PDF) Document standards
(Word |PDF) Java coding standards

Other documents

(Word |PDF) Risk analysis
(Word |PDF) Estimated time allocation
(Word |PDF) Implementation phases for our plan
(Word |PDF) Estimated time allocation (revised)
(Word |PDF) Meeting Minutes
(Word |PDF) Use of the website
(Word |PDF) Use of CVS and automated software builds
(Word |PDF) Comparison to Big Brother